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Let's Talk Keto!

I just wanna start off with saying, YES.. I've done Keto and through this journey of healthy eating and living I have lost but also learned and gained so much in this process. It has not been an easy change, because you know ya girl loves ALL the foods haha. But in this process I've gained a new mindset. I've gained patience and so much more love for the parts of me that I absolutely hated. I've let go of the self doubts about "what if" or "I can't do this". I am so much more capable of accomplishing things than I give myself credit for and I finally took that chance that I needed to take for MYSELF.

I am beyond blessed and grateful for the support system I have, especially all of the women who are continuously pushing me to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be. You know who you are! And I love and appreciate you all so much!

At the end of the day this is MY journey, no one else's and MY journey doesn't define me..I define IT.

I've talked to A LOT of people who do NOT agree with Keto and think I'm crazy for doing it because its "so bad for you" and thats cool, I LOVE hearing their thoughts and opinions about it! At the same time though, I feel like they really don't have the right idea or information about it and thats okay! It's still super rad and I enjoy chatting about it with people.

There is just so much more to Keto than just eating really fatty and greasy foods.

I'm sure almost all of you reading this have heard a little somethin bout Keto.

Or maybe you haven't?

Don't worry! I'm not going to sit here and shove down your throat that you should do Keto or shouldn't.

I just wanna share with you all my journey and some of my absolute favs.

Now even though Keto is a "diet" I refer to it as a lifestyle because for me thats what it has become. Sooooo lets dig in. Ima take you back to the beginning y'all. Way before Keto was even a thing, before I knew it was "The Thing" to try.

I was HEAVY......and I don't mean a few pounds over weight. I mean like obese overweight and super unhealthy.

I had legit tried every single diet that I found out about (no joke), I had tried supplements and working out all week long for over an hour every day but nothing I seemed to do was helping me lose weight. In fact, I was gaining it, excessively and it was super disappointing.

I would talk to my friends about my weight and they'd tell me "what!? no way, you look so good" or "really? You hold your weight really well" (I'm pretty tall). Which I'm not going to lie, being tall my weight definitely distributed pretty well throughout my body. However, my insecurities took over and all I would ever think was "yeah okay, you're just being nice so you don't hurt my feelings".

Im not sure about y'all, but I'm not good with compliments (insert slapping face emoji here). Honestly, I haven't been good with compliments my whole life. It definitely has everything to do with my insecurities and the lies of "I'm not enough", "no one could truly love me" or "I'm disgusting". So no joke 9 times out of 10 when someone compliments me I chuckle or respond with a "yeah haha right" while rolling my eyes..its annoying..I know...but I promise I'm getting better with them! I say "Thank you! I really appreciate you" more now, than I ever have in my life.

I know the way I see myself is not the same way my friends and family see me. Isn't that always the case though? Haha. To them I still looked "good" but for me, being tall and overweight, I legit felt like Sasquatch or jack and the bean stock, (some huge giant) comin atchu like "Fee-fi-fo-fum" whenever I'd go out in public. (It's okay, laugh! Cause I'm over here bustin up too.)

But for real. I wasn't okay. My weight was consuming my life and I was letting it. I was depressed, drained of energy all the time, I only ever wanted to hide away in the comfort of my home.

Have you ever had those moments?

Anytime I'd ever looked into the mirror, I was just so disgusted with myself. I just felt gross, All. The. Time.

I knew that I needed to change the way I ate and things I consumed on the daily but as I've said before ya girl loves ALL the foods and is SUPER stubborn.. I was expecting change to occur without taking the right actions for change to happen. Yeah I was working out a lot and trying to "eat healthy" but for my body type certain "diets" just didn't work for me and (as I've already mentioned) caused me to gain weight instead of loosing it. Which happens to a lot of people. Have you ever tried a diet and it worked amazingly well for a friend but wasn't doing jack squat for you? Yeah, that was my life.

I had heard about Keto months before I even considered it but I didn't I know anything about it. I knew a couple people who were trying it out but I just didn't want to do another "diet" that was just going to fail me and I honestly assumed it was going to. I was exhausted but at the same time super desperate so at that point I was legit willing to try anything.

I reached out to a friend of mine and asked so many questions. I spent hours with my face in books and online getting as much information about it that I could. And yo! There is so much information about it, which is super good because like any other diet (if not done right) it can be super unhealthy for you!

I finally started the Keto journey. Whoop, Whoop! It has been about a 10 months so far and with eating Keto and working out I've lost a total of 77 lbs! When I started I was the heaviest I'd ever been in my life, 250 lbs! I was heavier than I was being full term with my best girl. I currently weigh 173 lbs. How rad is that!? I mean, I'm super stoked about it hahaha. Im gonna be real y'all as a woman, almost thirty years old, it has been a super rough and exhausting weight-loss journey. But I DID IT! At the bottom of this page you can see my transformation pictures!

I can honestly say that Keto is the only "diet" that has ever worked for me. Even to the point of me taking breaks from it months at a time and only gaining maybe two lbs back because not gonna lie, I have treated myself a few times. (Definitely more than a few times) Doing Keto it's definitely recommend to take breaks from it and even doing so I haven't gained an excessive amount of weight back like I legit figured would happen the first time I treated myself.

Now I'm definitely NOT saying "Do Keto and then stop and eat like crap! You won't gain weight!" Because that is definitely not what I'm saying. I'm sure if you did Keto and then went back to the eating habits you had before you will most likely gain weight back (just like any other diets).

So in a small nutshell that is my Keto journey.

And guys I am so stoked that I took that chance on myself and on Keto.

Okay so lets dig into some of my favorite things to eat while doing Keto..

I'm not going to lie, I'm truthfully not a breakfast kinda gal. However, when I did eat it I was all about them scrambled eggs with some shredded cheese, avocado and tapatío or any kind of hot sauce I could get my hands on...mmmmm so bomb. (My mouth is currently watering and I now want some eggs)

For lunch, I always love a good taco salad. I would cook some ground turkey and season it, then in lunch Tupperware I would put shredded lettuce, cherry tomatoes, avocado, shredded cheese, sour cream, hot sauce and add the meat. Bam! Just like that, Keto taco salad.

Dinner! Your girl LOVES enchiladas and honestly could probably live off of them. Hahahaha but YES! You can make Keto approved enchiladas! And they're soooooo yummy. I also really dig some chicken with veggies! And whenever I'd do dinners like these I would make extra to meal prep for the week!

Desert...heck no I didn't forget about desert. Hahaha Desert is one of my favorite things to eat, definitely my biggest weaknesses, Amiright?!

My go to Keto dessert would definitely have to be the 2 minute Keto chocolate mug cake. It's so easy to make, super quick and super yummy! No joke there are like six ingredients and you put it all in a mug stir it up, put it in the microwave and bam! You got yourself a delicious dessert that you didn't have to spend hours making. (The BEST) Especially on the days you got a sweet tooth but don't have the time or energy to put in the effort of baking something sweet.

Below is picture of some really yummy Raspberry Champagne Chocolate Cupcakes that my momma made and I definitely recommend trying them out if you love to bake!

Welp guys! There you have it. A few of my favorite foods to eat while being on Keto!

Please note * I am not a nutrition specialist or anything of that sort.

I'd love to hear from you! I'd love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to ask any questions!

XO Amanda

Raspberry Champagne Chocolate Cupcakes