5 Tips to Kick into Action during the Chaos.

Okay, lets be real here, things have been sooooo damn weird! Amiright!? With everything thats been going on, all the scare, all the staying home and all the social distancing crap has just been so WEIRD and so different!

Change is not something I'm a fan of.. are you with me?

I am all for routines, planning and organization and with everything thats been going on, I found myself confused. No JOKE! ahhaha

I personally, went from working six days a week (sometimes seven) to being at a stand still EVERY DAY. I continuously found myself thinking well crap what the hell em I gonna to do now?

BUT! I've come to realize I can utilize this time to focus on the things I've been slacking on at home and even with work! Which is suuuuch good news hahaha cause ya girl struggles, you already know what it is.

So I'm going to share with ya'll 5 ways I've been super productive while working from home and being home all day with the babes!

With being home all the time, it's so easy to become lazy and get super complacent. Right? Let's fix that!

#1 Keepin Up With the Current

Business owners! As the CEO of your business, this is the time you to be a BossA**B and take control! Don't let this time scare you! Take advantage of it and take charge! Let this time influence you to be present and current! SHOW UP! As a CEO of my business I'm taking advantage of in home shoots with the fam, showing up on instagram + facebook so much more than I used, (being creative with things) catching up on work related things like my website, my blog, posting content, sending emails..etc..these are just a few of the things that have been keepin me movin!

#2 Stay Connected!

I'm not going to sit here and act like I ain't strugglin...cause I'd be lying.

I am a HUGE extrovert and being stuck inside errrday all day, not hangin with my people is somethin I have been strugglin with HARD. So I have been so intentional about staying connected with family and friends, just so I can keep my sanity! Haha I'm not used to social distancing myself from everyone, so its been a challenge, but through this challenge there are so many different ways I have been able to stay connected with "face to face" interaction and still getting that community vibe I constantly crave! Whether its goin live on IG, FaceTiming or Zooming with my people! Sometimes even a phone call to chat for an hour helps that feeling of "aloneness". I'm using the resources I currently have so that I am still able to stay connected with my peeps.

#3 Let It Go Girl!

This may or may not be reference to the Frozen song haha buuttttt you gotta let it go girl! Do you have a closet full of clothes that you never wear but say to yourself "well...I might wear it again"? NO! LET IT GO GIRL! ahahahah Lets be REAL. You and I both know you won't wear it again! I had gone through ALL of my clothes and legit filled up TWO huge bags. MY method was ..... when I went through them, if the thought of "well I might wear it sometime" crossed my mind it went in the bag. I realized I have been saying that to myself for YEARS and guess what?! I NEVER WORE THEM!

Get Rid Of The MESS

I guess you can call me a hoarder because apparently I hold onto things for 9 YEARS! ha ^ Perfect example! This time has legit brought so much attention to how much CRAP I keep around my house and for no other reason than to just "have it around" Like what!? What the hell does that even mean?? 🤦🏻‍♀️ For example I've legit went through a pile of papers and some of them were dated in 2014!!! Y'ALL! What the actual CRAP! WHY?! 😂

So blare the your best tunes and declutter your space guys! I'm telling you it is soooo rewarding.. (well, for me anyways)

#4 Make It Worth It

You may think "well... I've got all this time, might as well do it tomorrow" I'm telling you DON'T! haha Don't let this time make you lazy! You may be stuck in the house all day and you may not be able to go anywhere or do anything but there are so many things and opportunities you have to change things up at home! Now is NOT the time to let this crap make you its B**** its time for YOU to take charge and make it yours! Do things you normally wouldn't do at home, spice things up a bit, get loco and have fun, make each day a "holiday" what I mean by this is .. ya know how schools have spirit week? Hahaha I know this sounds stupid AF but its legit so much FUN! Make things a priority, make lists and be intentional about getting things done!

#5 Be Creative

We all know, now is the time to be creative with yo mind! Cause if ya ain't, ya gonna go INSANE. And lets be real, ain't nobody got time fo dat! Amiright!?

So in the midst of everything I have become a homeschool momma and man can I tell ya that there has got to be so much creativity with homeschooling a 2nd grader. We are constantly learning about God and reading our bibles, baking, painting, learning music, doing math, writing, doing chores/learning about being self sufficient, how to cook, playing games that help her read, write and do math all at the same time. I could go on BUT aside from all that it gives me the opportunity to watch this babe grow and not miss a minute..and man am I sooooo grateful.

I hope that you can possibly incorporate these tips into your day to day activities!

And I would LOVE to hear any of your pointers that you've been doing for keeping busy during these times.

Byyyyeeeeee ✌🏼


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