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I legit could not be more stoked that you're here!


I'm Amanda 

A Wedding, Elopement + Lifestyle 

Photographer based in Southern California.


I have a deep love for Jesus (He's my main squeeze) 

+ honestly couldn't do life without him. 

I am a wife to the raddest + sweetest guy, a mother to the goofiest + lovable gal + a huge animal lover (I have two big dogs + a kitty).

I laugh a lot + at times, am obnoxiously loud.

I am super weird + goofy but a whooooole lotta fun!

I love the outdoors and two of my favorite places to be are the mountains +  the desert. I love to travel and whenever I have the chance to, I take it!  Music + long drives are two things that really get me - the windows down, music loud, my thoughts and the open road, just jammin out to my favorite tunes-those moments are just the absolute best. Amiright? 



I have zero limitations and am relentless in always getting "that shot". I love being creative + challenged, especially when it comes to a photoshoot.


I am forever capturing the Raw, Realest + Dopest moments.

Let's be REAL!

Time is a precious + valuable thing. Being able to capture those type of moments for you.. you know the ones that pull at the strings of your heart every time you look at them, is what I strive for.



So let me be your gal! Cause if you're willing to go that extra mile with me, then we are going to do great things as a team!


And. I. Am. Stoked!

Mmmkkkk, I think I've said enough..haha

Soooo Byyyyeeeeeeeeee! 😊✌🏼