Amanda Meisters 



I'm Amanda!


I am all about capturing the Realest, Rawest + Dopest moments. I want you to be YOU and to tell YOUR story through my lens.

 Having a connection with my client(s) is super important to me.


I mean 

Let's be Real!

NOBODY wants a photographer that they don't vibe with, (it's just not fun) whether its on your wedding day, an engagement session let alone any session.. Amiright? 

Sooo, it is SUPER important to me to have a connection with you and that you have a connection with me.


I have a deep love for Jesus (He's my main squeeze) 

+ honestly couldn't do life without him. 

I am a wife to the raddest + sweetest guy, a mother to the goofiest + lovable gal + a huge animal lover.

I laugh a lot + at times, am obnoxiously loud.

I am super weird + goofy but a whooooole lotta fun!

I love the outdoors + love to travel!  

Music + long drives are two things that really get me - the windows down, music loud, my thoughts and the open road, just jammin out to my favorite tunes-those moments are just the absolute best.

I can't wait to get to know you + capture your story!


Lets capture dope moments together!